This is the revolutionary new book thatís shaking up the world of independent pro wrestling. Prepare yourself to finally learn what it takes to succeed and make money in the indies.
    "This book is required reading for anyone in the pro wrestling business."

- Greg Ramsey, Indie Promoter
  • Why fans don't go to indie shows
  • How we got where we are today
  • Why copying WWE leads to failure
  • How to win back our fans
  • How to develop exciting angles
  • How to book for overall show success
  • How to develop engaging characters
  • How realism translates to great shows
  • How to do the core moves properly
  • How to market your shows for free
  • About the power of branding
  • How to project a winning image
  • How to rack up record concession sales

                                ...and so much more!
In this book you'll learn
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